Steven H., age 23


“Life at Decore hasn’t been hum-drum, and hasn’t fallen along the stereotypical ‘manufacturing’ lines that I might have imagined before I started here. Of course, we work hard, and we take pride in what we give to our customers, but from what I’ve seen, Decore has been about people.”

” ‘Opportunity for growth’ is an understatement. I tell everyone I am training, ‘If you want to do more than entry-level work, you will surely be given the chance to grow here.’ That has certainly proven true with me and everyone on my team. We are all involved (that’s every one of us) in changing the company for the better every day and seeing the results that we ourselves have implemented week by week. This proves to be rewarding and, believe it or not, much fun! I hardly ever see anyone on my team without a smile on their face when I walk by, and we share many laughs while getting our work done. I can’t help but think it’s because something is being done right around here.”

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