Consider a high-tech career. Right here.

Imagine yourself moving right from high school into a high-paying, challenging career. Picture yourself making some of the coolest products in the world – with NO four-year college debt and NO huge student loan to pay off.

Those are some of the benefits of choosing a career in modern manufacturing, working with leading-edge companies right here in Union County.

Today’s manufacturing careers offer exciting opportunities for growth, travel and long-term security. You can even get paid to learn the skills you need in a four-year apprenticeship program.

Want to make something special of your career? Make It In Union County.

8 Reasons

8 reasons why modern manufacturing is a smart choice.

  1. In today’s advanced manufacturing operations, a worker can earn more than twice the average salary in N.C. Nearly 30% of Americans with an associate’s degree make more money than those with a bachelor’s degree.*
  2. Modern manufacturing facilities are clean, safe, climate-controlled environments where labor-intensive practices have been replaced with innovative technologies and a highly skilled workforce.
  3. Today’s manufacturing processes involve engineering, management, computer programming, supply chain logistics and other areas of expertise.
  4. Manufacturers need young people with high-tech skills because 50% of the manufacturing workforce in the U.S. is eligible for retirement.
  5. Modern manufacturing provides economic security because when we manufacture goods at home we take control of our own destiny. Manufacturing has been the catalyst for North Carolina’s economic growth following the recession.
  6. The global scope of manufacturing operations provides opportunity for world travel to locations such as Europe, Asia and South America.
  7. With tuition reimbursement, there are no costly four-year college expenses and no huge student loan to repay.
  8. Select high school grads and adult workers get paid to learn career skills with the four-year apprenticeship program at South Piedmont Community College.

Cool Stuff Made Here

Some of the world’s coolest stuff is made here.

We have a hotbed of high-tech manufacturing right in our own backyard. This gives you a wide range of career opportunities that are way more interesting than you ever imagined.

Did you know that Monroe has the highest concentration of aerospace companies in North Carolina? A diverse mix of multinational companies operates here in Union County, shipping products to more than 20 countries.

Here are some of the cool products and technologies you could be involved in:

Colfax Fluid Handling’s high-tech pumps, which spray the letter “M” on M&Ms

Ludwig drums used by Van Halen, Sugarland, Maroon 5 and many others


Kenworth and Volvo commercial trucks use ConMet-manufactured wheel hubs

Select Air Systems’ stainless steel exhaust hoods that are used in Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field.

  • SCOTT Safety’s Air-Paks, which help keep 75% of America’s firefighters safe
  • Titanium fuselage ribs produced by Cyril Bath Company for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  • Laboratory equipment made by CEM to help chemists create new drugs to treat disease
  • Bona creates a finish that protects the hardwood floors for the NBA and NCAA
  • GM Nameplate is responsible for the cover of the Terminator Anthology DVD
  • Adhesive manufacturer LD Davis produced the glue used for the Monopoly board
  • Assa Abloy’s entrance doors can be found at nationwide Target retailers
  • Swanson Sheet Metal manufactured turnstiles for the Beijing Olympics

Skills Needed

Do you have what it takes to make it?

In today’s high-tech manufacturing, it’s not all about using your hands. It’s about using your head and thinking smarter. Here are some of the skills that modern manufacturing companies are looking for:

  • Critical thinking & problem-solving. Can you think on your feet? Can you apply what you’ve learned to solve problems in creative ways? Brainpower is in demand in modern manufacturing facilities.
  • Solid math skills. Do you have advanced math skills and a good grip on the basics? If you’re especially good at geometry and trigonometry, you’ll find opportunities in manufacturing, since it’s dependent on shapes and understanding how things fit together.
  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T). Could you speak the language of engineers? GD&T is a language used in the automotive, aerospace, electronic and commercial design and manufacturing industries. The symbols are used on mechanical engineering drawings to communicate geometry requirements for associated features on components and assemblies.
  • Discipline. Are you organized? Can you keep track of things? These skills lead to success in the modern manufacturing environment, where documentation and traceable paperwork are essential to quality control.
  • Ability to follow procedures. Can you follow detailed instructions? That’s a valuable skill when you’re building advanced products with high-tech processes.
  • Commitment and integrity. Can you stick with a goal you’ve set? Do you believe in teamwork? Manufacturing companies provide great opportunities for individuals who see value in partnering for long-term success.

Get paid to learn the skills you need. Apply for the four-year apprenticeship program at South Piedmont Community College.

Quality of Life

It’s not just a good job. It’s a great life.

When you work and live in Union County, you have a quality of life that’s tough to beat. We have an affordable cost of living, which means the excellent money you’ll earn in your manufacturing career works harder for you here.

We also have great schools and a strong sense of community. And while we’re living in a safe, less congested area that’s ideal for raising families, we’re just 30 minutes from the big city with a whole host of entertainment options.

Who says you can’t have it all?