Make It in Union County Week 2016 Results

2016 was the 3rd year for Make It in Union County Week and a year of great results!  Our outcomes for the week:

Speakers in the high schools:
20 speakers from local manufacturers spoke in UCPS high schools reaching over 1700 students and educators.

A special project involving the Union County HR Association involved sending speakers from the group into the schools to focus on non-production jobs.  These speakers primarily spoke about jobs that do not require a four-year degree.

Social Media:
Make It in Union County is active on social media before and during the week – utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  2016’s social media initiative resulted in over 20,000 impressions and engagement on the posts was over 1,000.

Field trips:
Guidance Counselors and Career Development Coordinators Field Trips:  Counselors and CDC’s from all the local UCPS high schools visited Charlotte Pipe and Scott Safety two weeks prior to Make It in Union County Week.  The purpose was to increase their awareness of the great career opportunities in manufacturing and to encourage them to get students engaged.

VIP Field Trip to kick off the week:  members of the Union County delegation to Raleigh, Dr. Jimmie Williamson (President of the NC Community College System), NC Community College Board member Lynn Raye, and Union County Chamber President Pat Kahle toured Charlotte Pipe.  Dr. Williamson, Lynn Raye and Pat Kahle toured Greiner Bio-One as well.
Student Field Trips:  Almost 200 students toured seven local manufacturing facilities.

Open House Events:
200 attendees including students, parents, educators, and members of the community attended tours of 5 manufacturing facilities:  Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Vanguard Pai Lung, Greiner Bio-One, Scott Safety, and Goulston Technologies.

Manufacturing Showcase Event:
Over 430 students, parents, educators, and community members attended a Manufacturing Showcase event featuring over 25 exhibitors.

Our best estimate is that our total “reach” for the week (excluding social media) was over 2,500 students, parents, teachers, and community members.