Laura L., age 22


“I really needed a job and I did not want to work in the food or retail industry, and some friends told me that Decore-ative Specialties was hiring entry-level workers. I always thought manufacturing was going to be a dark, dirty environment with unhappy people, complaining all the time about everything. I have found that I really like the job I am doing.”“They are training me how to train other employees and I never thought that would be something I could do. A lot of my job is actually learning how to do other jobs so that I can teach more new employees how to do them. Of course, there are employees who do all kinds of jobs, but I feel like they took an interest in me and they are investing in me so that I contribute to the company. This job is allowing me to be self-sufficient at an early age and I am thankful that I started working at Decore-ative.”

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